A Small Secluded Backyard, Chevy Chase, Maryland

This small, confined backyard was transformed into a tasteful outdoor seating area that is well-used by the homeowners. Through the use of brick walls, two colors of brick paving and plantings, the landscape design extended the house into the garden.

This new home was built with a small backyard set against a steep hillside. The client wanted to make the space beautiful, usable as an extension of the house, and wanted to conceal the abrupt slope. Our design took advantage of the site conditions, using terraced retaining walls with plantings trailing over the walls to soften the harsh slope. The pavement design created visual interest and integrated seamlessly with the house.

The beautiful and cohesive design creates the impression that house and back yard were built simultaneously.

Cynthia Fink, MLA

Landscape Architect
DC Design, LLC

Ann Arbor, Michigan and environs