Charming Colonial Home and Gardens
Ann Arbor, Michigan

We were asked to create a front walk to the mailbox and design a vehicular gate to restrict access from the road. The client wanted to improve the appearance of the front yard with plantings. The site was challenging due to mature walnut trees and a voracious deer population. Our design extended the architecture into the yard, utilized retaining walls and terraces, and created a front yard seating area. We designed a long, winding stone path to the driveway gates that moved through existing trees to create a strong integration of the house with the site. A large perennial garden was designed in the back with a lovely sculpture, walls, steps, walks and an arbor. The garden has become a place for the client to accommodate her love of gardening and provides picturesque views from the kitchen.

Cynthia Fink, MLA

Landscape Architect
DC Design, LLC

Ann Arbor, Michigan and environs