A Contemporary Waterfront Home, Onsted, MI

This large home is situated on a narrow peninsula of land, surrounded by water on three sides. The challenge was to create usable outdoor spaces in a very limited amount of land. Also, the finished floor of the house was raised above existing grade due to the high water level that resulted in the need for many retaining walls and steps. The outdoor spaces are elegantly integrated with the architecture and create a unified, fully functional and handsome landscape design.

The fire pit was designed to fit with the seat wall which overlooks the water. The terraces behind the fire pit are places for outdoor dining and viewing the activity on the lake. Built in planters provide pockets of color.

Segmental concrete retaining walls are used with concrete ledge stone coping material to create the steps. This provides many places to enjoy the view of the lake while creating a clean, sharp, contemporary landscape design.

Cynthia Fink, MLA

Landscape Architect
DC Design, LLC

Ann Arbor, Michigan and environs